Hello and welcome to our blog!  Do you have a passion for sports, movies and music? So do we.  We should totally be friends!

We want to take this moment to explain who we are and the different topics this blog will cover.  This blog will cover all issues tax, accounting and finance for the sports and entertainment industry. We will write posts covering incentives for filmmakers, unique state and local tax issues for athletes, deductions you may not be aware of, and all other topics sports and entertainment. We also will probably write a decent amount on Tom Hanks, because honestly, how can you not?

As to who we are, we’re just a group of kids who travel around in a van solving mysteries with our dog. Oh, wait. That’s actually Scooby Doo. We frequently confuse real life and Scooby Doo.

Let’s try this one more time. We are a group of accountants and attorneys who are passionate about movies, media, and sports. We work with athletes, filmmakers, and all types of media professionals to provide solutions to their tax problems.

Our experience is far reaching. We do everything from preparation of tax returns to high-level business planning to securing incentives. Exciting stuff! And if that isn’t enough, we created this blog to share our knowledge, experience and insight, and keep you informed about developing tax issues for this industry. Stay tuned…

–           Josh, Harris, & Alex

About WithumSmith+Brown, PC

WithumSmith+Brown, PC is a full service, regional certified public accounting and consulting firm with over 900 employees.
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